Sharon Luecke



"WORDS, once they are printed, have a life of their own."

- Carol Burnett


The Heart of the Bride Guided Journal

The go-at-your-own-pace journal is filled with over 60 pages of creative writing prompts, powerful quotes, and even a few wedding themed coloring sheets to strip away all of the pressures that planning a wedding places on the bride and guide her through the journey of being her own kind of bride and becoming a wife. The first of its kind, this guided journal offers brides a sacred place to document the magic of their love story, work through some of the not-so-easy parts of being a bride, and discover the romantic, peaceful engagement that they dream of.


WHITE Magazine Issue #38 Contribution

'This is Us' by Sharon Luecke

“You have full, unhindered permission to craft a wedding day that fills your soul with refreshing waves of freedom."

White_Issue #36.JPG

WHITE Magazine Issue #36 Contribution

'What Lies Within' by Sharon Luecke

"By letting your partner in, they will be able to dispel the lies, speak the truth, and reveal to you your true, authentic self."

White Issue #35 Cover Release.JPG

WHITE Magazine Issue #35 Contribution

'Our Chosen Family' by Sharon Luecke

"Be careful not to dismiss the need for investing in friendships throughout the pursuit of your dream marriage."


Guided Journal for Life Partners

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