Sharon Luecke


We are animals

"Bloom where you are planted."

If I had a dollar for every time I saw that quote on Pinterest, Etsy, or in TJMaxx, I'd have a whole lotta dollars. It's a beautiful quote but lately I've felt the pinch of bitterness come through whenever I read it. 

As someone who has had her roots ripped up in so many ways, many places, and many times, I wonder - is being rooted is a requirement to bloom?


Do I really need to be still to bloom?

Do I need to know where I'll be living?

Who I'll be surrounded by?


As a free-spirit and wife to a future doctor with an unknown path ahead, this frightens me. Especially when all of the garden metaphors out there seem to point to the same answer - "Duh. You obviously need roots to bloom."

Now I'll spew garden metaphors all day long but what does this metaphor mean for me and the rest of my pals who don't feel planted, at all? Hmmmm. The most logical guess? Maybe it means that we don't have to bloom because right now, we're not flowers.

Hell, I've never viewed myself as a flower. (Although, that one summer at a Christian concert, this dude in a prophecy tent told me that I was a flower. He also told me that my favorite color was definitely green. It's blue. It's always been blue.)

We're made up of more than roots, stems, and leaves. We do more than bloom. As humans, we are animals. Not plants.


We need to roam, gather, hunt, hibernate, hide, approach, mate, retreat, rest, run, heal, survive.

We are animals. And you don't plant animals and tell them to bloom. You set them free and tell them to be.

Don't plant me. Set me free.

(I'd rather breathe in the wild adventures of *all the happenings* for my own soul than be another bloom in someone's garden for them to admire 3 weeks out of the year.)


Cheers to you, wild thing.

You may not know where you're going or what you'll be doing or who you'll be doing it with.

But you do know that you are not here to perform -

You are here to live and live freely, as the FIERY soul that you are.

Run free.

In Love + Light, Sharon



Sharon Luecke