Sharon Luecke
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if my hair is salty, my journal open, my sheets clean, my husband is jake, and my home is maine, i'm full. And right now, I'm full.

Hey pal, I'm Sharon. I'm a creative, a writer, and an entrepreneur, in that order.

Many write to capture the way things are. i write to transform THEM into what THEY could be.

The words that we choose (to welcome in, dwell on, and share with others) determine our reality and influence the reality of others.  This holds true in the crowded cereal aisle, throughout the late morning meeting, on the About page, and in the latest magazine issue - with each word we choose, we are choosing so much more.


Far too many creatives feel trapped in their own heads, lacking the confidence to spread their message with grit. Likewise, far too many women feel trapped in their own lives, struggling to harness their inner power and live from a place of wholeness.

I know this because I was that creative. I was that woman. I have spent what feels like centuries shrinking in silence, muting my truth, whispering my lines in a patriarchal script - believing the lie that I'm not worth being fully heard. The ability to reclaim and proclaim my story through the power of words has set me free both personally and professionally.

I write because of freedom.

I write WITH freedom.

I write for freedom.

Alongside writing in work and life, I am the founder of The Bare Bride - my brave business that I built from the ground up to give a voice to engaged women and wedding professionals who long for conversation and resources about heart and relationship within the wedding industry.


This is what i know to be true: youR FULL SELF IS worth being heard.

just because you can't seem to find the right words, doesn't mean that they aren't there. I'M HERE TO HELP with the unearthing.


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